Wouldn't you like to edge out the competition, secure member loyalty and become a provider of choice?

Simply scan the environment and it's clear our culture is mobile-obsessed. We've become more technologically advanced and move at a faster pace. Combine this competition for time and resources with the endless access to information and content available online and you have a long list of continuing education providers competing for market share. (Not to mention the countless organizations now offering education opportunities at competitive rates—even free!)


Do education research and strategic conversations about learning inform your annual meetings calendar?

As associations play a more significant role in training today's workforce, they must help members take responsibility for their own learning, as well as teach them how to learn and how to leverage learning plans within their organizations. To remain relevant, associations must also:

  • Transform industry-specific knowledge and information into viable training;
  • Align education with member needs through regular industry research, analysis and trending;
  • Connect the dots between theory and practice; and
  • Explore opportunities for virtual or blended learning formats.


Do you have the staffing, infrastructure and expertise necessary to build dynamic member experiences?

Recall a past conference experience with a one-dimensional keynote speaker and an afternoon of lecture-style breakout sessions. (Rather not, right?) Members today demand compelling experiences—delivered in a unique and interactive way—that inspire learning, engagement and community. These transformations require buy-in from key leaders and stakeholders, deliberate training and coaching of program facilitators and content leaders, and significantly more planning, organization, lead time and logistics management than ever before.